Founded by Federina Frangipane, KLAI Studio combines simplicity and elegance in every piece of jewellery. Handcrafted in small batches in Kent, each creation is completely unique, the perfect glamorous addition to a sophisticated outfit and easily wearable from day to night.

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KLAI clay jewellery

After being made redundant during lockdown, I had the time to go back to drawing, painting and art in general. Just before lockdown I was due to start a ceramic course - that obviously did not happen - so I started working with air dry clay and finally with polymer clay. I suddenly realised how versatile clay was and that the pieces I was creating were taking the shape of jewellery pieces I would happily want to wear.

Being an Architect and Interior Designer it was important for me that the design would be minimal and each piece completely unique. I was a bit tired of seeing all the same products from the high street brands and I feel it's very important to choose carefully what we wear, as it's an expression of who we are - unique.

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