Nottingham-based Debbie Allen?s journey to becoming an artist has not been a straight path. Her professional background is in education, and she has been published in the field of child development and child psychology. Not surprisingly, however, she has always been a creative soul. In the early years, she expressed this passion through drawing from photographs (mostly of friends pets) and painting for fundraising, and also by incorporating her love of pattern by creating mixed media collages.

Two years ago, Debbie discovered the depth of her talent while teaching special needs children and crafting with them as a means to access rigid and closed-off minds. This process unexpectedly opened a new world of creative catharsis and personal growth and discovery for Debbie, who has since been forced by physical and mental health challenges to step away from a teaching career she previously loved.

These days Debbie specialises in painting strong women.

Debbie Allen British artist

Debbie is drawn to the ideal of the powerful lady in all her iterations, contradictions, and historical contexts. She portrays female strength through the use of bold colours, robust features and explicit expressions which leave no doubt the subject is a force with which one must reckon. And yet, there is an underlying delicacy to Debbie?s work, as she uses fine curves and swirls, wisps and shifts from darkness to light and from lightness to weight, thus conveying a complexity which is the essence of femininity.

Debbie?s art has been featured in magazines and in stunning homes in the United Kingdom and is frequently found adorning the walls of interiors enthusiasts and art collectors around the world on Instagram.

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